How is Tesla, Toyota and Nissan stacking up against the competitors

The EV market is starting to mature with more makers announcing production version in the last couple of months.  The are a lot of focus on luxury sedan and SUV market, but the production numbers in the more average sedan market is growing fast, and driving up the EVs market share to almost 2% now.

Here is a summary of reports of the new entrants on the market:

Mercedes-Benz is finally taking on Tesla. It probably won’t work. – Quartz

Could This Be the Tesla Killer? – Cheddar

Very much is focused on Tesla, and how the new entrants are threatening Tesla. But it should also be noted that i.e. Nissan, Toyota and Chevrolet are large produceres of EV’s, and none of the entrants have shown anything in this market segment so far. Elon Musks idea/plan from the beginning has been to go from the luxury market to the main market segment. So all the focus on luxury sedans and SUVs might be overrated in driving the adoption of EVs. The real battleground is in the segment of Leafs, Prius and Model 3’s. And Tesla looks really strong in this market segment. Have a look at the latest US sales estimates by InsideEVs:

Source: InsideEVs sales forecast

Even though Nissan Leafs has been on the market for 7 years, and the Tesla Model 3 only one year, the cumulative sales of the Model 3 is already almost half of the the Nissan Leaf. This market space is going to be interesting to follow!

Reliability of the Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker?

Is the Bloomberg Model 3 as realiable as previously

A lot of reporting on production numbers of the Tesla Model 3 is based on the Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker. Surely the model has been good, an understandably a lot of reporting in the news look on the progress forecasted by the Bloomberg model. But it is still reliable?

The question arises amid the model depends on to inputs:

  1. The number of registrered VINs at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  2. VIN numbers reported directly to Bloomberg – either by the person owning a car or spotted on the web or in person.

Now it looks like latter is really thin data wise. No new data has been entered for almost 14 days, and the variation in the numbers are really huge. Look at the image below.

Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker – september 5th 2018

Hypothetically the production number could be a lot higher, if the data for the last 14 days supports it by being in a range above 95.000. Or they could even be lower if VIN numbers reported to Bloomberg is in the range below 80.000. So until the data is updated we shouldn’t conclude to much from the Bloomberg tracker

Mercedes-Benz launches its electric SUV today

Mercedes-Benz enters the electric SUV market

Mercedes-Benz will enter the electric SUV market and it is a reminder that the competetion is increasing in this market. Audi, Tesla and now Mercedes-Benz is head on in this market, which used to be Tesla’s home-turf. Tesla has a head start having been in the market for quite some years, but time will tell if Tesla can hold on to the top spot.

It should be noted that the Mercedes-Benz electric SUV although unveiled september 4th won’t enter production for some time (read at least a year). So Tesla will continue to increase the number of cars on the road, and increasing their mileage count for improvement of their Autopilot. One thing is producing electric cars – the next battle is self-driving – or nearly self-driving cars.

Source: Reuters

Global EV Plug-in market share estimated to be almost 2% in 2018

The plug-in market is growing fast

In the latest report by EV-volumes, EV plug-in market share of total vehicle sales will reach almost 2%. It is still at long way to 100% but the market share has tripled in 2 years, if the prognosis holds.

Also, the market in China is growing really fast, and is forecasted to double since 2017 – and plug-in market in China is 42% of the global plug-in market. They are moving really fast, but if the Tesla Model3 ramp is staying on course, we should see Europe and the US progress in 2019 as well.

Source: EV-Volumes

Read the full report, and the drill-down by country on EV-Volumes


Top Gear reviews Tesla Model 3 – It’s combat ready

Top Gear has reviewed the Tesla Model 3 Performance

Top Gear has previously reviewed the Tesla Model 3 – but this time around the tried out the Tesla Model 3 Performance-edition. That the Model 3 Performance edition is no standard-car is obvius from the fact that it is compared to the Merceredes C63! In a one line they sum up the review by quoting “It is combat ready”.

Top Gear sums it up  as follows:

Are you converted?

Pretty much. The Model 3 Performance is a blast. Whether you’re a Tesla – and Elon – fanboy or girl, this thing makes a major case for itself on its own merits. Sure, there are still significant infrastructural issues in the UK, and we could do with more superchargers (there are just over 8,500 in 1,100 locations worldwide). Unlike the Model S and X, you also have to pay as you charge: it’s not part of the package. Install a domestic wall box, and you can juice up at a rate of 16.5kW, equivalent to 51 miles per hour. Here’s the thing, though: while we waited to collect the car, we watched a big screen relay live updates on global stats: Tesla has ‘enabled’ 1.474 billion miles and saved 67 million gallons of gasoline, amongst other things. During the next 12 months and beyond, the big automotive OEMs will be unleashing their pure-EV rivals. The Model 3 is combat-ready.

One interesting thing from the review is the live tracker on accumalated  miles and saved gallons of gasoline the journalist saw during the test. Tesla EVs has so far accumalated 1.474 billion miles and saved 67 billion gallons of gasoline.

Source: Top Gear