Danish government plans taxbreak for EVs priced up to $60.000

The danish government still plans to implement taxbreaks for EVs priced up to $ 60.000 even though the it wasn’t part of the latest Finance Bill. The EV market has come to a stand still in Denmark since the reintroduction of tax’es on EVs.

The introduction of tax-breaks on EVs prices up to $60.000 has the aim to make it more lucrative for the average families to by a EV. It should be noted that that taxes on cars in Denmark are relative high (above 100%), so it was becoming cheaper to buy Tesla Model S than normal family cars, and that was the reasoning of abolishing the tax breaks.

If the tax breaks are implemented, it is a bonus for Tesla Model3, but maybe also the cheapest Model S. Because you are only are taxed on the car itself, you can buy the cheapest version without the full autopilot package, and then upgrade afterwards.

With the planned implementation by New Year, the timing is also really good for the Model3 which should become available in Europe in the first quarter of 2019.