Huge increase in registrered Model3 VINs – ramp up confirmed?

Almost three weeks into the 4th quarter the number of registred Tesla Model3’s is soaring. On the 18th of October the last batch was registred bringing the total to 33.617 VINs registred to NHTSA. Accourding to the Bloomberg Tracker the current production rate is around 4.200 per week, så the registrations should be enough for 8-9 weeks of production.

But it could also be a sign of the ramp up towards 6.000 per week taking shape. So if you take the current number of registrations in October, and take into account the number of weeks the maximum number of vehicles produced per week should be around 13.073. There is no way this is the actual number of produced when the ramp up in 2019 is with a target of 10.000, but by tracking the VINs the coming weeks, it should be possible to see if we are closer to the 6.000-mark which is the goal in Q4.