Q4 production of Tesla Model3 estimated to be above 60.000

A survey at TeslaMotorsClub is indicating the Q4 production of Tesla Model 3 to be above 60.000. 75% of the votes cast is for the production beeing above 60.000, with 55% being in the interval between 65.000-70.000. Q4 production is a bit harder than other quarters because of the holiday season, but 60.000 is just 10.000 above the numbers indicated by Elon Musk for Q3, so it should be achievable, not least amid the planned installation of the 3 new machines for the Gigafactory 1 by Grohmann.

How many Model 3’s will Tesla Produce in 4Q18 from teslamotorsclub.com

Actually, it might be they are not pushing the production numbers right now amid the logistic hell of delivering all of the produced Model 3 so far.