Increase in forecasted Model 3 production number by Bloomberg Tracker

As reported, Reliability of the Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker?, last week, the reliability of the forecasted Model 3 production numbers by the Bloomberg forecasting model leaves a lot of open questions. Mostly because the input data wasn’t updated for quite som time.

Yesterday the input data was updated, and it shifted the number of forecasted Tesla Model 3 produced upwards. Before the update, the forecasted number of Model 3’s as of August 22nd was 77.820 and now the forecasted number as of August 22nd is 79.310, an increase of 1.490.
Source: Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker

Also the average production number for the last 3 weeks is now above 5.000, so it looks like the forecastmodel has been to pessimistic. Forecasted production numbers for the coming weeks are below 4.000, but it looks like it is because of no new VINs registered by Tesla, so if this picks up it indicates we can see a really good Q3 for the Model 3 production number wise – maybe it will hit 100.000 produced!