How is Tesla, Toyota and Nissan stacking up against the competitors

The EV market is starting to mature with more makers announcing production version in the last couple of months.  The are a lot of focus on luxury sedan and SUV market, but the production numbers in the more average sedan market is growing fast, and driving up the EVs market share to almost 2% now.

Here is a summary of reports of the new entrants on the market:

Mercedes-Benz is finally taking on Tesla. It probably won’t work. – Quartz

Could This Be the Tesla Killer? – Cheddar

Very much is focused on Tesla, and how the new entrants are threatening Tesla. But it should also be noted that i.e. Nissan, Toyota and Chevrolet are large produceres of EV’s, and none of the entrants have shown anything in this market segment so far. Elon Musks idea/plan from the beginning has been to go from the luxury market to the main market segment. So all the focus on luxury sedans and SUVs might be overrated in driving the adoption of EVs. The real battleground is in the segment of Leafs, Prius and Model 3’s. And Tesla looks really strong in this market segment. Have a look at the latest US sales estimates by InsideEVs:

Source: InsideEVs sales forecast

Even though Nissan Leafs has been on the market for 7 years, and the Tesla Model 3 only one year, the cumulative sales of the Model 3 is already almost half of the the Nissan Leaf. This market space is going to be interesting to follow!