Reliability of the Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker?

Is the Bloomberg Model 3 as realiable as previously

A lot of reporting on production numbers of the Tesla Model 3 is based on the Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker. Surely the model has been good, an understandably a lot of reporting in the news look on the progress forecasted by the Bloomberg model. But it is still reliable?

The question arises amid the model depends on to inputs:

  1. The number of registrered VINs at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  2. VIN numbers reported directly to Bloomberg – either by the person owning a car or spotted on the web or in person.

Now it looks like latter is really thin data wise. No new data has been entered for almost 14 days, and the variation in the numbers are really huge. Look at the image below.

Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker – september 5th 2018

Hypothetically the production number could be a lot higher, if the data for the last 14 days supports it by being in a range above 95.000. Or they could even be lower if VIN numbers reported to Bloomberg is in the range below 80.000. So until the data is updated we shouldn’t conclude to much from the Bloomberg tracker