Mercedes-Benz launches its electric SUV today

Mercedes-Benz enters the electric SUV market

Mercedes-Benz will enter the electric SUV market and it is a reminder that the competetion is increasing in this market. Audi, Tesla and now Mercedes-Benz is head on in this market, which used to be Tesla’s home-turf. Tesla has a head start having been in the market for quite some years, but time will tell if Tesla can hold on to the top spot.

It should be noted that the Mercedes-Benz electric SUV although unveiled september 4th won’t enter production for some time (read at least a year). So Tesla will continue to increase the number of cars on the road, and increasing their mileage count for improvement of their Autopilot. One thing is producing electric cars – the next battle is self-driving – or nearly self-driving cars.

Source: Reuters