Top Gear reviews Tesla Model 3 – It’s combat ready

Top Gear has reviewed the Tesla Model 3 Performance

Top Gear has previously reviewed the Tesla Model 3 – but this time around the tried out the Tesla Model 3 Performance-edition. That the Model 3 Performance edition is no standard-car is obvius from the fact that it is compared to the Merceredes C63! In a one line they sum up the review by quoting “It is combat ready”.

Top Gear sums it up  as follows:

Are you converted?

Pretty much. The Model 3 Performance is a blast. Whether you’re a Tesla – and Elon – fanboy or girl, this thing makes a major case for itself on its own merits. Sure, there are still significant infrastructural issues in the UK, and we could do with more superchargers (there are just over 8,500 in 1,100 locations worldwide). Unlike the Model S and X, you also have to pay as you charge: it’s not part of the package. Install a domestic wall box, and you can juice up at a rate of 16.5kW, equivalent to 51 miles per hour. Here’s the thing, though: while we waited to collect the car, we watched a big screen relay live updates on global stats: Tesla has ‘enabled’ 1.474 billion miles and saved 67 million gallons of gasoline, amongst other things. During the next 12 months and beyond, the big automotive OEMs will be unleashing their pure-EV rivals. The Model 3 is combat-ready.

One interesting thing from the review is the live tracker on accumalated  miles and saved gallons of gasoline the journalist saw during the test. Tesla EVs has so far accumalated 1.474 billion miles and saved 67 billion gallons of gasoline.

Source: Top Gear