Elon Musk looking into implement “drive-thru-mode”

On Twitter Elon Musk was ask whether he would consider installing a “drive-thru” mode on the Tesla to stop it from beeping consistently during takeout orders. He replied he would look into it.

It would be great if other companies were listening to their customers the way Elon does. I know, a lot are saying the are customer centric but I think Tesla is a clear example of practising it.

Tesla Model 3 News for the 1. of July

Norway Tesla Model 3 Sales In 2019 Equal 50% Of Model S Sales Since 2013

How popular is the Tesla Model 3 in Norway? According to TeslaStats.no, pretty darn popular, with 10,539 registered so far this year.
Tesla Model 3 gets attacked by road-raging BMW driver after parking lot encounter
Tesla owner had no idea that his Model 3 will be the victim of a road rage incident after he encountered a BMW in a parking lot at Carmel Mountain 

Today in the world of Tesla Model Y (11-04-2019)

Should You Wait For The Tesla Model Y Or Buy A Competitive EV Now?
Barring any production delays, the new Tesla Model Y full electric crossover is scheduled to debut in fall 2020. Based on the current Model 3 sedan, …

Fisker Teases Tesla Model Y Fighter
After revealing its face last month, Fisker has revealed a new teaser image of its upcoming electric SUV that will rival the Tesla Model Y. Once again, …

Shanghai Gigafactory groundbreaking today – start of production later this year

According to tweets this morning from Elon Musk, groundbreaking of the Shanghai Gigafactory will be today with estimated completion this summer and start of production before year end.

The construction will be much faster than first announced, and Elon also gave some further clarification towards which models and modelvariants they are going to produce at the Gigafactories outside the US:

So all high-end vehicles including all variants of the Tesla Model S/X is still going to be produced in the US – and only the more affordable versions will be produced locally.

Will we finally see the 60kWH version of Nissan Leaf

Rumors of the long range version of the Nissan Leaf has been around for some time, and the latest report by Financial Express and Business Insider indicates that we will finally see it at CES.

Nissan Leaf

The longe range variant of the Nissan Leaf is expected to have 60kWH battery with an estimated range of 320km. The current version has a 40kWH, and it is inferior to the newest competitors coming along.

The Nissan Leaf is one of the most popular EVs to date, but with the launch of the Tesla Model3 and Hyundai Kona Nissan really needs to update the Leaf if it is to stay relevant.

Danish government plans taxbreak for EVs priced up to $60.000

The danish government still plans to implement taxbreaks for EVs priced up to $ 60.000 even though the it wasn’t part of the latest Finance Bill. The EV market has come to a stand still in Denmark since the reintroduction of tax’es on EVs.

The introduction of tax-breaks on EVs prices up to $60.000 has the aim to make it more lucrative for the average families to by a EV. It should be noted that that taxes on cars in Denmark are relative high (above 100%), so it was becoming cheaper to buy Tesla Model S than normal family cars, and that was the reasoning of abolishing the tax breaks.

If the tax breaks are implemented, it is a bonus for Tesla Model3, but maybe also the cheapest Model S. Because you are only are taxed on the car itself, you can buy the cheapest version without the full autopilot package, and then upgrade afterwards.

With the planned implementation by New Year, the timing is also really good for the Model3 which should become available in Europe in the first quarter of 2019.



68.238 Model3 VINs registred in Q4

With one month left of Q4, the total number Mode3 VINs registred at NHTSA so far stands at 68.238. This equals to 7.704 per week, about 10% higher than the reported maximum achieved production so far. So we are still some weeks from seeing new registrations with large numbers.

Estimated weekly production based on Model3 VIN registrations at NHTSA

635 new Model3 VIN registrations today – total for Q4 stands at 66.647

With the 635 new Model3 VIN registrations at NHTSA today, the total registrations for Q4 are 66.647. This equals to a weekly production rate of 8.043. As stated in a previous post, this is above the real production rate, but it is an indication things are ramping up at Tesla.

Estimated weekly production rate of Tesla Model3s based on VIN registrations in Q4

Based on the reports so far, we will stick with our previous estimate of 71.500 produced in Q4, which translates into 5.500 per week.